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AIntensify to Revolutionise Customer Service Brings Cutting-edge Voice and Text Recognition Technology to Call And Service Centers

Hanover, Lower-Saxony - The tech-savvy team behind, the revolutionary voice and email solutions provider in the travel industry, is now expanding its reach with a new brand,'s GDPR compliant voice and text analytics solutions provide real-time and post-analysis automation of manual processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for call centers. The company aims to help call centers achieve their full potential and reach new heights of customer satisfaction and sales success, with a promise of up to 25% increase in sales, 25% more satisfied customers, a 65% faster ramp up time, and a 20% reduction in handling time. By integrating with a CRM, the existing data of each company can seamlessly be connected and utilized to optimize and streamline processes.

With a proven track record in the cruise industry and more than 6 years of experience in the field of AI technology, the team behind is attracting a rapidly growing number of customers outside the travel sector, including call and service centers. AIntensify helps automate processes, which in turn increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction allowing call centers to focus on the personal interactions with their customers.

In addition to voice analytics, offers a comprehensive text analytics solution for call centers to monitor and analyze email interactions with customers. The solution provides real-time insights into customer needs and preferences and enables call centers to optimize their email interactions and improve customer experience.

" is dedicated to improving call center operations and enhancing the customer experience with affordable, accessible AI technology." says Markus Stumpe, Founder and CEO. "Our mission is to democratize AI, making cutting-edge technologies accessible to call centers of all sizes and budgets. And as we already managed to revolutionize the travel industry with, we are driven to succeed in the call and customer service domains across other industries, too.”

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