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​Our Products is the premier solution for businesses to increase revenue through exceptional customer experience. Our products for voice and email support are divided based on post-call analytics and real-time assistance. Our post-call analytics provide in-depth analysis through various techniques and approaches. For real-time support, our main focus is quick entity detection, as we process audio in small chunks for fast results, even though the whole conversation is not immediately visible.

voice post analytics

​Voice Post Analytics

Learn what is going on at call centers everyday using our smart dashboard 

real time support

​Voice Real Time Support 

​Let us support the call between call center and customer in real time

email post analytics

​E-Mail Post Analytics

Get insights of customer's request by e-mail with our AI powered system 

email automation

​E-Mail Automation

​Save time with our smart email automatic generation system 

​Post Analytics 

Real Time Analytics 

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