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E-mail Post Analysis 

​Unlock the Secrets of Your Email Performance with Detailed Insights and Analytics

email analysis

Our email analytics product captures the complete context of the conversation including key subjects and the sentiments of the relationship.


Our AI system quickly analyzes email conversations with an agent, customer inquiries or answers questions, and identifies their desired services and products. This enables call and service centers to efficiently manage multiple requests. Additionally, utilizing our service is as easy as sending us an email.

How can you get access to our solution?

The access to our solution is very easy. Just record the calls every day and transfer the calls to us. If you have the metadata available, that would also be helpful (e.g. time stamp, call duration, in/outbound). You can do this via transferring the data to us or we provide you with a cloud storage link. 

That is all you have to do. We do the rest, no technical implementation required on your end.

email analysis

How can I analyze the data?

We provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard and you can start right away. We also offer access to the data via api, so you can visualize the data in your own environment, e.g. via Tableau.

How can this service be beneficial to you ?

The AIntensify post analytics email solution…

detects sentiments and customer satisfaction from mailing between a business and customer

summarizes the conversation and identifies main themes and topics

detects and categorizes the intention of the email conversation 

groups and classifies information thanks to the entity recognition feature

includes a feedback loop for evaluation 

provide all the analyzed data through an API and grants easy access to system integration


…And all this on an easy-to-use web dashboard!

Is there any technical implementation required?

No, you only need to provide the calls and the metadata, that’s it. You don’t have to implement any new technology on your end.

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