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​Voice Real Time Support

​Revolutionize Customer Service with AI-Powered Voice Real TIme Support and enhance customer experience with the latest trends of technology

Imagine you are an agent and you are on the phone with a customer. And imagine you can concentrate on your strength, your desk is your cockpit. While you are talking to a customer, our service automatically understands what you are talking about and presents the customer's wishes and needs on the screen. Without typing in information. And imagine this digitized information is connected to other existing information in your company, like product lists and details, customer data, customer reviews etc. All this data can be available on the screen while you're talking and it is adjusting to where the conversation goes. You simply concentrate on your sales activities and the personal contact with your customer. 

real time support
real time support

How can you get access to our solution?

The access to our solution is very easy. You let us connect to your telephony environment (e.g. via voice over IP or connector) and we listen to your calls while you’re on the phone. That is all you have to do. We do the rest, no technical implementation required on your end.

How can I analyze the data?

We provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard and you can start right away. We also offer access to the data via api, so you can visualize the data in your own environment.

Intension detect

Based on this idea we created a 24/7 service that

detect the caller’s needs automatically

displays the information on the screen

pre filters all relevant information automatically.

What kind of automated services can be included in your solution?

​Our state-of-the-art technology not only detects your need and performs automated pre-filtering, but also offers a multitude of additional features to enhance your overall experience with the following services : 

​Transcription of calls 

​Speaker Diarization

​Additional keywords and Intensions

​Automated actions 

​Automated link integration 

​Connection to APIs or other international databases (e.g. CRM)

Get in touch with us to get to know our whole portfolio. We are happy to check how to solve your issues in a most efficient way.  We can also customize a solution just for your needs.

What to expect from our service
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Is there any technical implementation required?

Yes, as we listen to the calls in real-time, we need to connect to your telephony environment. But this it no rocket science and is easy to implement. Our implementation managers are happy to support.

What to expect from our service
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Voice Real Time Support
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